The work of the company lies within the scope of a popular art giving greater place to the body language.

We deal with what unites people.
We want to explore the relationship between one another in all its forms.

We aim at a form of creation which is simple, human and lightened of maximum theatrical devices so as to get to the point.

We want to bring dance into places where people are not used to see it.
We set up flexible and easily adaptable pieces to transform whatever space into a fleeting theatre.

Banc Public was born in January 2000 following the encounter between the dancer and the choreographer
Laetitia Couasnon and Sébastien Braux who is a dancer, a juggler and an acrobat.

Since 2008, Laetitia Couasnon is the artistic director.


Sébastien Braux

Dancer, acrobat juggler.

He is one of the two founders of the company.
Co-chorégrapher of the shows "banc public" & "Les ravaudeurs"

Dancer in "banc public" & "Les ravaudeurs" for 2001 to 2008.
He has gone for athers projects in 2008.


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Delphine Leandri-