Duo musique et danse : Création 2008; Durée : 30 mn


Laetitia Couasnon: chorégraphe-intérprète
Jérémie Elis: musicien compositeur interprète
Rémi Jacob: décor


Café de la Gare

There is a note.
There is a step.
There is a woman who is moving forward.
As she is lifted by the music she is passing a major turning point.
Where she is coming from and where she is goingare sentences left in abeyance.

Step by step, in this casual café filled with solitudes,
she is giving shape to her desires,
her doubts and her extravagances.
For a sad thought moment
she is dancing a solitary tango
in which the other is a pretext, a desire…

Then the madness is racing,
the heart is quickening,
we are crossing a new stage,
we are taking off from the inside…

 And the violin becomes an orchestra

The Partners:

Le Fourneau
La région Bretagne
Le conseil général d'Ille et Vilaine
La mairie de la Chapelle Bouexic


Photos by Joris Hol in Chalon dans la Rue, in 2008
and Jens Krüger in la Strada in 2011


Musical extract of the show


VIDEO (extracts of the show)





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