Duo for a dancer and a musician: Création 2011; Duration : 30 mn


Laetitia Couasnon: dancer-chorégrapher
Jérémie Elis: musician composer-player
Mechtilde Keryhuel:Director
Rémi Jacob: scenery


Epingle à Nourrice

It s a snap music and danced on motherhood.

An amused look, tender,conscious, authentic about this state of mother that can lead us to rethink life, that we give, the one we follow ...

She arrives, overwhelmed, draft, stirring the laundry.

Life line as we become mothers. A child, children, a time longer. Large gap between bliss and terrible dizziness

."Wait a child"? The surprise, the strangeness of the body of the woman who wears, fantastic support for a happy dance.

Becoming a mother and find his animal, its violence, be surprised, again, a new sensuality.

Swing on a stripper, hammering a tarantella of hell, swaying in a rocky blues, rock wrapped in a rough just follow the odyssey of a woman in the great adventure of the flesh from every angle.

Mechtilde Keryhuel, Director .

Our partners:

Festival les Affranchis et

Festival des Arts à Pornichet



Photo de Mako (Matthias Jouvard).


Extract of music of the show
(Jeremie Elis the componer)




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